Pay Gunster

This application will allow client's of Gunster to pay their invoice(s) and setup automatic payment if so desired.


To pay an invoice or invoices, please make sure that you check the first check box in the options section next to "I hereby authorize Gunster to charge $_________...". Please provide the amount you would like to authorize and then indicate the invoice number or numbers you would like to pay in the box below.

You invoice number can be found on the first page of your paper or PDF invoice, approximately half way down the page. To view a sample invoice and find where your invoice number is located Click here. If you have more than one invoice, please type each number separated by commas, see example below :
123456, 136435, 136255

To setup recurring payment, please check the second check box in the options section next to the "I hereby authorize Gunster to charge..." and make sure you provide your e-mail address in the box below. Please Note : it is not necessary to pay an existing invoice to setup recurring payment.

Payment Information

Regardless of the options chosen, either to setup recurring payment or to pay an invoice we require your client number to ensure prompt allocation of payment and/or recurring charge setup. Please Note : Gunster invoices will indicate a client number and a matter number. This uniquely identifies the work being performed. client and matter numbers are denoted as follows : xxxxxx.yyyyy where x is a digit of the client number, and y is a digit of the matter. For example, 99998.54 is the client.matter, however we only need the client portion which would be the 99998. To view a sample invoice and find where your client number is located click here.
Also, you must provide your client billing address, this address should match the address on the credit card being charged.

Payment Method

All fields are required in this section. Please provide the credit card number, the expiration month and year and the 3 or 4 digit security code. Please Note : You credit card number is not being stored on our system at any point. The card number and cvv fields are hosted on LawPay (a secure credit card service provider) site and not stored on this website at any point. If you not sure where to find you CVV number, please click here. Finally, please provide the name displayed on the credit card.